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Premium Barrel Jointer by Hubbard

Premium Barrel Jointer by Hubbard

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All barrel jointers are not created equally. Hubbard's barrel jointer is favored among our crews for it's design and durability. It's what our Pros use.

Featuring a cast aluminum body with 4 steel barrel attachments this jointer is a one size fits many for your tuckpointing or striking needs. Barrel sizes are 1/2", 5/8", 3/4" & 7/8".

Each barrel is removable and interchangeable with either side of the body. Barrels are also replaceable if lost or damaged. Twist on/off the desired barrel size to tackle tuckpointing tasks. 

  • Hubbard jointers are made here in the USA
  • Multiple joint sizes with one tool
  • produces an ultra smooth, clean concave finish on mortar joints
  • Replaceable Steel barrels
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