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We Are Masons

My Name is Jake. (Written by Jake) I am Jen's Husband, Jack/Eloise's dad, and a Mason. All this and 3 cats. I like cats. I've been in and around the St. Louis masonry scene my entire life. As a 2nd generation mason, I have faded memories of being 5 or 6 years old, playing with my father's trowels and getting yelled at for tearing up caulk backer rod. I mixed my first bag of mortar sometime in grade school. Then, I Consistently worked summers through high school tuckpointing.

Along with learning the skill behind doing masonry restoration work, I was taught how to assess what work needs to be done. Health problems forced my father into early retirement and I could no longer work with pops. I went and got a job with another masonry company. Quickly, I was disgusted with working around unmitigated ignorance, so I quit. I started my own masonry company, Atek Masonry. Consumed with only the masonry end of owning a masonry business, I did a fine job, but had much to learn about the business end of running a business. The overwhelming complications of the business pains had me considering going back to work for someone else. Luckily, I met Terry. Good at business, also a mason, smart guy and highly motivated for success, I was able to forgive Terry's lack of interest in cats. In earlier 2017, Our companies merged and we set out to dominate all things masonry.

My Name is Terry.  (Written by Terry Jake) Also a husband, father & Mason. Not a cat man. Sorry Jake. Jake may have started life early around the masonry scene, but as a 3rd generation mason, I was born with an 11" Rose trowel in my hand. At just 3 hours old, I Laid the brick for my own crib. Yeah, I slept in a brick crib. I get things done.

After mastering masonry at just 17 years old, I decided to get into the field of quantum physics (easy stuff) and built a time machine, WITH ONLY BRICK & MORTAR. Successful in my first attempt, I went back in time and invented masonry. Because Masonry is much older than recorded history, I was awarded no credit. But I didn't need credit, because in addition to being the best at masonry, the best a business and the best at everything I do, I'm also a very modest guy. 

Humes Masonry Solutions (HMS) was formed to offer top quality solutions for masonry problems. At HMS, things were nearly perfect, though we lacked a certain "je ne sais quoi". Eventually, I met a Jake, another mason. He's a good guy. Honest, hard working, and diligent. His wits were about him with his masonry company. Running a small business can be a tough thing. Considering calling it quits, Jake approached me seeking advice. After weeks of co-oping projects, we eventually merged. And here we are. Running two companies. Beast Mode. (Because Terry hasn't posted a bio yet, I took it upon myself to write for him, some of information contained herein Terry's Bio is mildly exaggerated.)

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The Masonry Store Mission Statement:  

The Masonry Store was developed by masons for everyone.  We aim to provide high quality information about masonry related tools, material, equipment, construction, restoration and repair.