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Stabila Mason’s Levels
Stabila Mason’s Levels
Stabila Mason’s Levels
Stabila Mason’s Levels
Stabila Mason’s Levels

Stabila Mason’s Levels

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♪ ♪ "You say you want a Level-ution" ♪ ♪

I think it's time for a level evolution, a "Levelution" I guess one might say...

 A lot of masons prefer Crick or some other wood level. Crick was my jam too, until I got my hands on one of these boss tools. These Stabila levels offer the best quality for value in durability, precision, and practicality. They were made for use in the trade.

I've seen many bricklayers tappin' and rappin' away at the tops of their levels to get things straight and plumb. That's a huge "No, No!" with a many of the other level brands out there. 

AND, the high-strength aluminum frame is lighter and more water-resistant than wood masons levels.


 That's my 2 cents.... Check out What Stabila says:

24", 36" & 48" Levels - Description

This series of levels has been engineered for contractors that work with brick and block and prefer to touch or hit the level with their trowel etc. Through the two patented strike zones, any out-of-line bricks can be adjusted with taps of a trowel. Added to this the hand grips on the 36in and 48in lengths make for easy handling. The tough reinforced aluminum frame precisely aligned with the STABILA locked vial system is the guarantee for accuracy on any harsh building site.


  • Tough aluminum frame with two patented strikes zones to protect from the repeated hits of a trowel.
  • Large hand grips on 36in and 48in lengths.
  • Reinforcing ribs on the frame for added strength and grip.
  • Precision-milled measuring surface.
  • Always at eye level – the second plumb vial is offset towards the center, making it easy to read in all measuring positions.
  • Shock-absorbing, removable end caps – protects the frame against repeated drops and falls.
  • Easy to clean with water and brush.
  • STABILA's vial installation technology delivers best in class reliability – measuring accuracy in normal and reverse position will not exceed 1/32in over 72 inches
  • The white housing material around the vials is contoured so it is easy to clean.
  • Equipment: 1 horizontal vial, 2 plumb vials, milled measuring surface, 2 hand grips on the 36in and 48in lengths. Metal sleeve hang hole so you hang the level up off the floor.
  • Protect your levels with a case. See cat. number 30015.


  • The STABILA Mason's level is designed for those who set brick, block and stone with a trowel. Patented striking shields allow the top of the level to be struck with the butt or blade of a trowel without causing damage to either the level or the trowel.

10" Torpedo Level - Description

The unique die-cast aluminum body makes it one of the sturdiest and most recognizable levels in the world. This level is for all those who need both hands free when aligning and levelling on steel surfaces. The 81 S REM Torpedo has a rare earth magnet system with extra strong holding-power. The vials are precisely aligned with the milled measuring surface then locked into position.


  • Compact, tough, great looking and great feeling die-cast aluminum profile.
  • Profile shaped for easy grip and comfort when it's in your pocket .
  • Extra-strong rare-earth magnet system is shake proof – leaves the hands free when aligning and positioning your work.
  • With a length of 10 inches, the torpedo spirit level is ideally suited for applications in cramped conditions.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Spirit level with one precision-milled measuring surface.
  • STABILA precision vial manufacturing and installation technology delivers best in class durability and reliability.


  • Tough as nails. This is the go to tool pouch level for the carpentry, electrical, drywall, fabrication, welding and general construction trades. Two super strong rare earth magnets hold like no torpedo level you've ever used.