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Marshalltown wood-handle Convex jointer
Marshalltown wood-handle Convex jointer

Marshalltown wood-handle Convex jointer

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Marshalltown's Premier line Convex jointer is a solid tool. There are few companies out there offering wood handled jointers for pointing convex joints. Many of the convex jointers offered by other companies sport horrible welds at tang to blade, shoddy material, and/or awkward designs that result in better use as a paperweight than tool. Not this one though. Marshalltown did a heck of fine job here, pardon my language.

  • Available in 5 joint sizes: 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", & 1".
  • Blade portion is 6", overall tool length is 11".
  • Blade is high carbon steel which aids in wear resistance, in turn offering a tool that lasts. 
  • Solid Hard-wood handle with metal ferrule. 
  • Lift at handle for knuckle clearance (This is where other jointers feel awkward, the lift on this tool's tang has high enough for clearance or knuckle clearance but isn't too high as to create an unbalanced feeling when pointing.

My thoughts? Glad you asked. Because this tool is lighter weight than our hand-forged jointers an extra, but small, bit more effort is needed when striking the joints. Lightweight isn't all bad though. Since it is lighter, Less strain would be put on your arms & shoulders for those who point day in and day out.