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Grout Bags by BON
Grout Bags by BON
Grout Bags by BON

Grout Bags by BON

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Not every pointer tucks with a jointer, While I might not, I can respect that. I like to use grout bags mainly for flat work, but to each their own.

Bon has a decent selection of grout bags, all made tough for the job. Pick one that works for you.

Bon's Economy Grout Bag (Clear plastic bag)

  • Made of heavy duty plastic
  • Tips can be cut to the desired opening
  • Disposable - eliminates the need for clean-up
  • Sold in packs of 3

  • Bon's Standard-duty Poly grout Bag (White Bag)
    • Poly tip molded permanently in bag
    • 12” wide at top
    • 3/8” tip

    SUPER-FLEX™ SILICONE Heavy-Duty Grout Bag (Blue Bag)

    • 24" x 13"
    • Heavy duty silicone material provides elasticity for easy use and consistent mortar flow
    • Equipped with 3/8" replaceable stainless steel tip (1 included)