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Convex/beaded jointers all view 1
Convex/beaded jointers all view 2
Convex/beaded jointers side view 1
size 1 convex/beaded jointer
size 2 convex/beaded jointer
size 3 convex/beaded jointer

Convex (beaded) Tuckpointing Jointers

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Each jointer is hand-forged from 4140 steel by local blacksmiths with unique specifications to provide the proper joint width and joint profile for a variety of applications, including masonry restoration of mortar & grout joints in Brick, Block, Stone, Tile and other masonry units. These tools were designed for Historic masonry restoration and tuckpointing and are available in 5 sizes.   (3/16"; 5/8"; 3/4"; 1" & 1 1/4")

The tool handles are crafted from white birch and sport a zinc plated ferrule.