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Bon Aluminum Hawk board for mortar/grout/mud

Bon Aluminum Hawk board for mortar/grout/mud

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For you pointers who tuck with jointers, ya need a place to hold your mud, right? This hawk board is made from heavy-duty aluminum, or aluminium for you fancy, foreign folk. It sports a removable wood handle (With a callous guard) that will screw on/off for easy storage.

Available in a variety of sizes. Most tuckpointers will use a 10x10 board, though 8x8 is somewhat common too, around these parts anyway. Remember, the larger the board, the heavier the load. Choose wisely.

This board is the more economical choice, especially for use with mortar, it can be prone to bending and warping over time with extended use. Still a good product though, We'd recommend this to a DIYer who isn't trying to get years of continual use out of it.

For a beefier, longer lasting product, check out our Magnesium Hawks.